• Mercedes Benstock

The key

I have finally found the key to socialism in Manhattan.

After living in Manhattan solo for three years, I have rarely been spoken to in my building (excluding 3/4 doormen), barely been spoken to in the gym (excluding the electric personal trainer), and virtually never been spoken to outside my building (other than tourists asking for directions).

It seems as though friendliness is out, and friendlessness is in.

Welcome to New York.

The UK is much different, in many ways. Other than food (no, we don’t eat fish and chips on a daily basis), culture (yes there is lots of land, with fluffy sheep), and of course driving on the other side of the road with a 70 mph speed limit, one of the biggest differences is how people interact. I learnt this at the young age of ten, when we made the big move from England-New York.

Lets be honest: an amiable greeting gets you no where in Manhattan. Holding open the door, introductions and leading a tourist in the right direction is now in a state of oblivion.

So three whole years later when i decided to spend my New Years Eve at a dog shelter, adopting Benjamin button (the dog who fundamentally acts like an old man with a prima dona attitude, and expects a crossiont from starbucks every morning) I have found that people are actually (sit down for this one): convivial.

From the elevator down, everyone seems to interact. I have met seven people in my building, spoken to people outside my building, and even gotten hit on by great looking men (not that i’m looking!), while walking my dog.So my theory is, dogs break the ice. There are even dog friendly bars in manhattan who claim that having some “hooch while chilling with your pooch” is the key to interaction.

So while i continue to explore this current theory, today is going to be an amazing day.

Im hoping to make my way downtown to find the PERFECT birthday dress for tonights celebration. Including 21 shots, my two best friends, and the Ganservoort. As Alexis moves on my birthday, we are having a pre birthday celebration tonight. With promised sparklers, bottles, and gaurenteed wildness with the three of us!

Is it fair to say…i love my life!?