• Mercedes Chloe

The Last B Standing

Bendels, Barneys, Bergdorfs. These were my three b’s in college.

Bendels? I worked at. Barney’s I shopped at (ever since my parents brought me a cream quilted Marc Jacobs jacket that didn’t fit and I was amazed by their customer service when I walked in one morning 21, hungover, and dressed like I’d rolled out of bed and been clubbing in the basement of Greenhouse since 4 am (which I had) and good old Bergdorf Goodman which is clearly the strongest link (and the last one standing).

So what’s so good about Bergdorf’s and is this luxury department store doomed to fail as well?

Unlike their clientele, department stores aren’t changing or adapting to the technology around them and unfortunately having a few exclusive items, or potential fashion lines with hefty markups isn’t keeping me (or others) as a customer.

The main problem? there’s nothing these stores hold that I can’t buy in a click of a button, at the comfort of my own home without judgment.

I believe that brick and mortar storefronts are a dying breed, and give Bergdorf’s five years (max) until following In the footsteps of Bendels and Barneys.

What do you think?