• Mercedes Chloe

The m word

From when we are young, we learn that everything is good in moderation. As some as you may or may not be aware of, I started this website initially to blog in back of 2010 ( my freshman year in college) then restarted it in November (which was where more than 1,000 views came in-thanks guys!)

So when I look back and wonder why I decided to stop blogging back then ( and pursing something that I love) in the first place-I have came to the conclusion that it’s because there are so many blogs out there that tell the same story, and very few bloggers get the benefits of “making it” or fantastic opportunities steming off of what started as a blog such as “The Blonde Salad”.

When Fall rolled around, i realized that competition exists in any (and every) industry.

Since I have been blogging on a systamatic basis I have came across multiple blogs similar to mine- from daily life-Similar urls-long posts -the same styles etc and while sometimes these may seem overly replicated (in some which way) I believe that everyone is entitled to voice their OWN opinion, and if they love to write and wish to do so by blogging- then so be it. . Of course some dont see the point of sharing there daily life in detail, nor like to read someone else’s – but I must admit that when you go back on what mattered three months ago, or three when you posted it, it really give you a sense of importanance. A sense of reality.

So on tuesday, I posted about my trip to the Bahamas that was supposed to happen early Wednesday morning. Well after we found out that there was a huge storm hitting the Bahamas and surrounding areas, we decided to try and find somewhere else tranquil that wasn’t going to get hit, and at the same time had availability and accessibility to a private beach, similar to when we stay at the cove.

Hours later of screaming and searching (ha ha ha) we finally found Elbow beach in Bermuda. So now instead of being in the Caribbean we would be in an island within the Atlantic Ocean aka Bermuda!

It is defiantly very different from the Bahamas but the beach is beautiful,and the service ( although very slow)- impeccable. So after waking up at 4 am yesterday morning to get on a 7 am flight out to Bermuda, I can officially say that I am exhausted. As soon as we got to the mandarin oriental, we went to the beach waiting for our room to be ready, followed by lunch at this restraunt on the ocean, and then at around 6.50 pm ( we are an hour ahead here) we decided to head out and explore the island.

But this turned into a bit of a disaster when we learnt the island was 22 miles long and each of us were absolutely starving, cranky and tired. So our first tour guide ended up being a $150 cab drive. We went to a lighthouse, drove past some other beaches and ultimately ended up in “Hamilton town” (which is the capital of Bermuda).

Here is where the really funny parts kick in ( mainly for entertainment purposes!) There was a street fair going on, in the town of Hamiltonmid evening. It had a mechanical ball, a bouncey castle, and a Velcro wall where you wear a Velcro suit and get thrown to a wall and stick there for five minutes.. Or ten minutes… Until you fall off.

Inevitablely this wall was made for children and parents who willingly surrendered there cute little five year olds to the man who “operated” the Velcro wall throw there kids up there! So it was quite funny, to watch at least ( and mean at the same time- even though every child ended up hysterically laughing!)

There were also stands selling items, whoch featured special “Bemuda” banana bread, cupcakes, croceted bikinis,thongs (and everything of the in between) and jewelry. I took some pictures of selected things, but to explain everything in detail would take way to long!

So in the end, after about an hour and a half of wondering around we ultimately decided that there wasn’t really anywhere in town that we could all ear at. So then we took a taxi to a place called ” coconuts”. Well it only turned out that by the time we had arrived there at 9.15 it was closed. It didn’t end there though, as we then to a taxi to standpoints ocean front restaurant, passing a wedding party on the beach with groomsmen in the water, and climbing up 1000 steps to pass the band, fireworks and pandemonium going on for the party. Finally we make it to dinner and have a nice Atlantic meal.

The problem was that by the time we were done eating- there were absolutely no taxis. So then we had to take a bus to. A different resort, to find a taxi- talk about nightmare! At about 11 we got home and trinity and I zonked out, off to bed until around 6, when I woke up and insisted I had to do my homework ( such an academic scholar I know).

Then of course I ended up falling asleep with my laptop on my lap, until the phone rang at 10 pm saying we had to be at my parents room in ten minutes in order to go for breakfast. So stay tuned for more stories of the day! Sorry this post is a day or two overdue. Xx Mercedes