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The murder of Gorgeous Model Reeva Steenkamp

The murder of 29 year old model Reeva Steenkamp has been all over the news, the newspaper and latest head lines. As grisly details come out about 26 year old Oscar Pistorius, who is a south African sprint runner with double below-knee amputations, more consternation that a man with such charity manor would kill.

Police are currently investigating the model’s killing that took place on Valentine’s Day, whose mother questions why anyone”would kill her angel” and her brother Adam pleads the truth, telling reporters that “the only person left alive who can say what happened” is Pistorius. According to the Daily Mail, police are now focusing on her ipad that was found on the bedroom floor, along with Pistorius phone and his possible use of steroids.

The Blade Runner prepares to face court tomorrow, and the mystery of the models final moments deepened after a controversial cartoon strip was released by the South African “Today’s City Press”. The South African news website, published a strip suggested that the model was shot in the hip, then when she ran to the bathroom to protect herself Oscar fired through the door hitting her head, arm and hand.

After Steroids were found at the blade runners luxury estate on the outskirts of Pretoria, they are now investigating if Pistorius shot Miss Steenkamp in “steroid rage”. Sources told the sun that “Steroid drugs were found at Pistorius home together with evidence of heavy drinking”. A cricket bat, drenched in blood was also found, which police are now investigating leading to claims that he may have beat his girlfriend unconscious, before shooting her.

According to Phuti Khomo who was a fellow cast member of the filming “Tropika Island of Treasure”, she said that the dream of becoming a model, came to Reeva while lying paralysed in the hospital for months, after a back injury while horse riding. She also said that Reeva had an extraordinary sense of humour which was expected coming from the “kind, loving and humble soul” that she was.

Police have also “rubbished” the speculation that Pistorius (who is know to have kept a machine gun by his bedroom window, along with a pistol by his bed) shot by accident, thinking that his girlfriend of three months was an intruder.

This morning it was reported that Pistorius had accidentally discharged a gun in Johannesburg restaurant “Tasha’s” that nearly hit his friends foot. According to Kevin Lerena a boxer who attended the dining party, he was given the gun by someone else in the group, when suddenly it went off. When the manager of the restaurant Mr Lopis approached the dining party, they all denied that the loud bang came from them, and failed to inform the police as he could not be certain that a gun was fired.

Mike Steenkamp speaks on behalf of the devastating loss saying that “for now we are just focusing on getting over the funeral..on getting this part of the difficult journey behind us. The stunning models funnel will be held tomorrow, and he makes it clear that they are not trying to think about Oscar or the court appearance.

Reeva’s heartbroken mother spoke in words of pain to the daily mail saying that ” ‘She had so much of herself to give and now all of it is gone’, June Steenkamp told a local newspaper, ‘just like that, she is gone … In the blink of an eye and a single breath, the most beautiful person who ever lived is no longer here.”

Yesterday it emerged that Reeva’s skull had been crushed, along with a smashed bathroom door, a 9mm pistol, and a peculiar pattern of wounds found on her body. Prosecutors formally charged Pistorious with premeditated murder but his family remains firm, that he denies killing her. His investigation team conducts of a pathologist, a team of private detectives, and experts who will conduct their own investigation on what exactly happened. It was also emerged yesterday that moments after the killing he called his close friend Justin Divaris to tell him that “There has been a terrible accident, I shot Reeva”.

Henke, Pistorius’s father defended his son by attacking the way the incident has been reported, stating to the South African Times Newspaper that: ‘There is something fundamentally wrong with our society. We build people up into heroes, who overcome immense challenges, only to take great glee in breaking them down.I want to say this: We are realists, not fools. This is not going to be easy but Oscar is strong beyond his years” The devastating loss and trial will progress tomorrow, where it is sensed that Oscars lawyers will ask for bail.

RIP to a beautiful and talented angel, Reeva Steenkamp.

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