• Mercedes Benstock

The Nassi Team

The past month has been nuts. Between The Nassi Team moving over to Brown Harris Stevens, Aspen starting Pre-K and everything else in between.

Finding the time to write has been close to impossible but (slight light at the end of the tunnel) I twisted my ankle about 10 days ago forcing me to slow down.

And by slow down I mean not running at 7.0 mph on the Treadmill for 8.5 miles. Thoughts? It sucks. I made a 90 day plan (which started 10/1) to sell a certain amount of apartments and run a half marathon. Instead my ankles wrapped with KT tape, a bandage off Amazon and being iced every night with a bag of soggy vegetables never to be used.

I'm also taking Advil around the clock to reduce swelling/pain and sporting a good hobble in the meantime.

So, back to the rest of my life. I bumped into a fellow parent the other day who lives in our building. She has a little girl who is two years younger than Aspen and explained growing up in NYC as a rat-race amongst kids/parents. I've been thinking about this analogy since the words left her mouth. 

I'd like to say that no one loves NYC more than me. I'm gone for a day and miss the hustle & bustle, the scent of warm Croissants walking past Maison Kayser and the guy on the subway half pole dancing half hip hopping while New Yorkers scroll on there phones. Seriously. This city's crazy. I love it. BUT, and but -it is a rat race. 

Since joining the Nassi team, i've learnt more from Danny in two months than I have in two years of being in the industry. Crazy right? A bonus is that we're a super tight team, and as a result i've learnt some great life lessons. 

One lesson being to not care what other people think. So simple but so important. Timid doesn't work in this city. If you want something you need to go out and do it yourself. Right now. Sitting around waiting & wishing? not going to work. Being productive and proactive and getting yourself out there? going to work. 

So while this city may be a rat-race on who has the best zip code, the best job or the best nanny collecting your child from Pre-K, the only person you should be comparing & competing against is yourself.