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The Royal Baby

For whatever reason, I have a feeling that the Royal baby will be born tomorrow. As the media depicts the duchesses actual due date, along with the sex of the unborn baby-I’m going to guess that it is a boy. Royal watchers all over the world, are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the child, that will be heir to the British throne.

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth in the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, which is next to Paddington Station in London. What’s special about this hospital is that it’s where both prince William and Harry were born.

But as the days go on, people are starting to speculate that the world’s media is camped outside of the wrong hospital. The telegraph reported that a contingency plan is in tact for Catherine, to give birth at the Royal Berkshire hospital located in Reading, if she happens to go into labor while staying at her parents home in Berkshire.

The days long vigil outside of the hospital has inspired a spew of #GreatKateWait tweets from the waiting media, as rounded up by New York Magazine.

Queen Elizabeth II is also keen to meet her new great grandchild. On a visit to northern England on Wednesday, a little girl approached her and asked if she wanted the royal baby to be a boy or a girl. The queen replied that ” I don’t think I mind. I would very much like it to arrive. I’m going on holiday.”

However once the baby is born, it can take as long as ten days before the name is announced. Those who are also born on the same day as the royal baby in Britain, will receive a special coin from the Royal Mint. It will be a silver penny, dated 2013 which comes in either a blue or pink pouch, dependent on their sex.

The first ones to know about the royal baby’s birth will be Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron and the governors general of each of the commonwealth nations, along with the remainder of the royals and Middleton families.

With that being said a writer for CNN said that “If the baby arrives in the middle of the night, it’s unlikely the queen will be awoken” which means that there is the possibility that a formal announcement will not be made until the following morning.

Royal sources insist that William and Catherine didn’t want to know the sex of their baby beforehand. However since March, there has been speculation that it is a girl ever since the dutchess almost uttered the word “daughter” while at a public event in Grimsby.

The baby will be third in line to throne after Prince Charles and Prince William, regardless of its gender. This is due to a rule change that took place in 2011, which ended centuries of male primogeniture.

Any other guesses on when the new royal will finally be born!?

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