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The time is now

Updated: Apr 12

So one thing I absolutely and utterly, cannot stand is lateness (yes this is a British trait). Yet I am often held guilty of being late. No matter what time I wake up, planning ahead, not planning ahead, i’m always somehow late. Unless I am heading to class or work, in which case I will sprint to avoid being late. Heels or no heels, traffic or no traffic. So if you ever see a blonde running across the streets of Manhattan, just anticipate that it’s probably me, and watch where you’re driving. I often joke to my friends that it’s completely fine to walk across a red light, just because it would be “to expensive” to actually run me over.

I also hate negativity and unnecessary drama. Which is why I have wisely chosen to keep my true friends close to me over the past few years. At the end of the day as they say “Every man for himself” except for the fact that I am a women, and this is not lord of the flies. Except sometimes girl drama can get so out of hand that I do indeed feel like my life is Lord Of The Flies (assuming everyone else unfortunately had to read that book at some point in their life).

Anyway as today was Sunday, the highlight of my day was going to CVS. I kid you not. While their milk was completely sold out, as well as most “grocery” items, I did manage to grab some Essie nail polish named “French affair”. It seems to be a lavender/pinkish color, and as I am physically incapable of painting my own nails ( no this is not a high-maintenance thing, this is a defect thing) I plan on somehow finding the time in between school and work to actually get them polished. Wish me luck.

Aside from my little CVS adventure, I also set up a Facebook page, which can be found here. The more “likes” the merrier. As for styling, I have decided to keep those posts separate from my blog (mainly for organizational reasons) which is not a British trait, just a “me trait”. So from now onwards most of my styling posts will be going onto that page, rather than my blog.

Anyway I am off to luckily start my computer homework, which I was ambitiously aiming to do at 8 Am this morning. If only Starbucks delivered…