• Mercedes Benstock

Twenty One

Birthday in a nutshell: So my 21st birthday was absolutely marvelous (said in prominent British accent). In all fairness, I feel as though I have been celebrating my birthday since the first of January. From Facebook countdowns, Tweets and Instagram posts, I made every effort to make my 21st birthday a memorable one (paradoxical to say the least).

After spending time with two of my closest friends this Saturday, and passing out at 1 AM (leading to missing my own party) I can certainly say that I will never forget the night (kind of). It somehow ended up with Mauro (boyfriend), Alexis, Alden and i laughing over Brittney Spears, while Mauro kindly got us bread to sober us all up. While appreciating his generosity I apparently said the rolls were horrendous, and threw them back in his direction.

The girls then insisted that ” no one makes it to there 21st birthday” and that it’s expected. I on the other hand was, discombobulated while profusely apologizing to everyone. While the girls were troopers and celebrated an after party of unlimited mimosas, I skipped out on the fun and slept. So my lesson to those turning 21 is: moderation. Never try to do 21 shots between three people, never drink 6 shots in less than 6 minutes, and never throw rolls at your boyfriend (even if they are stale).

As Tuesday approached, I made my way back to my house on Long Island. Where I had multiple presents, balloons, and glasses waiting for me. While in no mood or condition to pop a bottle of cliqout, one of our housekeepers greeted me with a Bellini in bed (at 8 am in the morning). My mom then asked me what I wanted to do the rest of the day, and to no surprise, my instinctive response was: “shop!”. So as we went shopping together (and lost each other mid shopping spree) we then went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (where I continued to wear a tiara).

So that concludes one of the best birthdays I have ever had. While I am currently working on arranging a bigger party ( in which I attend) Mauro is taking me to top of the standard tonight for hous d’oeuvre’s and drinks. Let the party begin!