• Mercedes Chloe

Update and a half!

As I listen to Calvin Harris “Sweet Nothing” at 6.34 AM in the morning, I would also like to declare that I have a BIG birthday coming up on January 22nd. As I am very last minute I will probably decide the week before what I want to do (similar to my NYE party last year). I’m mixed between Vegas, LBD’s, and champagne (lots of it).

Anyway yesterday was completely boring. Now that I am done with school until January, and have completed my internship I have all the free time in the world to catch up on some styling, writing, and designing…and possibly some very unneeded shopping. As I walked through the ZOO of Fifth Avenue (filled with tourists) I managed to snap some shots.

I also learnt throughout the duration of my internship that I love to style (incase you can’t tell by the many posts below!). So I will be writing and styling at least once a day. Here is my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MercedesChloe?ref=hl(the more likes the merrier!!) I also have a personal email address which is Mercedes@mercedeschloe.com if anyone happens to have any personal/press inquires, or just questions..i would love to hear from you! Trust me hearing the “You’ve got mail” voice is such endurance…

On a much more important and sentimental note I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the little angels lost in Sandy Hook. Lost but never forgotten. My mum said to my little sister yesterday “Oh no it is raining still” Poppy then replied that “it the children in heaven crying as they miss their mummies” (the words and mind of a little five year old). All I keep thinking about is how short life is, and to appreciate each day that we have, and live our lives in happiness as those sweet little angels will never get the chance to grow up, fall in love, go to prom, get married, have children, and celebrate their precious lives. It is easy to forget that each day we have, is indeed a gift.