• Mercedes Benstock

Vineyard Vines For Target

If you know me you know that I love to shop. Any excuse, time or reason I can come up with to go shopping - I do (much to Dan's dismay). 

A few months ago it was released that Target was collaborating with Vineyard Vines, which sparked as much as excitement as their Hunter partnership. Going to be honest, I’ve never shopped in Vineyard Vines. I’m just not a Lily Pulitzer/ Vineyard Vines type gal. But of course, I was curious to check out their merchandise a day after launch. 

First reaction upon entering Target? Everything’s sold out unless you’re looking to decorate your patio or dog. Yup. In less than 24 hrs most of the shelves were empty.  But I still wanted to learn what the craze was about. I decided to head up to Target on 116th street and found an influx of merchandise scatted around. 

Candles, diaper bags, gingham knives and forks. You name it, this Target had it. 

I even came across a red, white and blue stripy romper perfect for Memorial Day. It reminded me of those “towel terry” Juicy sweats popular in the third grade.

Regardless, I headed to a fitting room in hopes to have my  “aha” moment. Verdict? This line was not flattering or fitting. I looked ridiculous which is probably why they have a matching romper for girls starting from age 4-5. 

Skip or spend? This lines a skip!