• Mercedes Benstock

What happened?

So thinking that my venture into Manhattan would lead to less staring, was incorrect. Of course I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do today, but going on a walk inevitably leaded to shopping. Getting on the subway at 9 AM was tough because to great surprise, it was still chock-a-bloc and crowded. I had 5 stops to go until making it to herald square, and no one offered me a seat (despite looking like a Dracula)!. So I was squeezed between people protecting two things: nose, and Celine. I was more concerned about getting knocked than anything, and considered getting off 5 times until finally I made it to Herald Square. Once realizing and wondering why I ever got off at Herald Square in the first place, I then realized that there wasn’t even a Panera Bread that I was looking for (thank you google). So crowds, doggedness and tourists impelled me away from 6th avenue and back to 5th, where I belonged.

I continued to walk uptown until surrounded by familiar shops. Yes, I navigate my way around Manhattan by stores. When finally ending up at Zara on 5th and 53rd I fell in loooooveeee with these great patterned, leather embodied pants. I have to admit they are a little bit “adventurous” for my liking, but in the name (and excuse) of fashion, patterned pants and leather have been all over the fall 2013 runway (Think Mulberry, Balmain, Miu Miu etc). So what better than a combination of both? I also picked up a shirt with an uber chic necklace attached, as the closing (called a “lobster clasp”according to Mauro). They were both different, unique and risky. Finally I made it to Bergdorf’s, and a few other places before realizing I was in excruciating pain and supposed to be resting-not shopping.