• Mercedes Benstock

What I Eat In A Day (F-Factor day 11)

Usually the moment I wake up, I go downstairs, make a cup of coffee, whip out my laptop and start typing (In a very Carrie Bradshaw manor). Today was different. After over a month-I finally had an opportunity to get outside and run. There's something so freeing and liberating with running, which is why I fell in love with it to begin with.

Now to be honest, the first 7 minutes were a drag. I was tired without momentum. It takes months to build up endurance and only a few weeks to lose it. I decided to keep on going and logged 3.4 miles.

Due to work and Aspens zoom classes, I ate an early breakfast around 9am this morning and tried to eat every 3 hours or so. I'm still figuring out what works best for me. Here's my usual "what I eat in a day". If you guys have any ideas or topics I should blog about, please leave a little comment or feel free to message me on Instagram @thebritishblueberry!

Breakfast 9am

  • Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with 1/2 cup Fiber One Cereal

  • 3/4th cup Blueberries

  • 1 cup of almond milk

Lunch 12pm

  • Usual green salad topped with tuna/avocado

  • Seaweed

Snack 3pm

  • F-Factor smoothie

Dinner 530pm

  • Lavash Pizza (1/2) with English cheddar cheese/tomato sauce (mini pizza)

  • Palimini pasta with tomato sauce

  • Roasted veggies

Dessert 6pm

  • Jello with FF whipped cream