• Mercedes Benstock

What's Your Number?

Years ago "What's your number" would have referred to the number of the men/women you slept with. These days it's geared more towards Instagram. How many followers do you have? how many likes are you getting per post? does your number determine your success?


In an ever evolving world, social media is becoming more and more relevant. Not only have brands revamped their marketing strategy, but individuals have too. Individuals  pay for interns, marketers or even companies to run and grow their social media platforms.

We are constantly looking for instant gratification from a number nestled beneath a photo. So why? According to psychologist Dr Max Blumberg this isn't a new thing. "People have always needed approval because human beings are social creatures" so it’s not a coincidence that it’s called social media. 

Social media allows us to communicate with anyone at anytime, and in essence be anyone at any time - but it’s important to realize how far is to far when obsessing over your “number”.