• Mercedes Benstock

why men hate blondes

Honestly this topic has been pondering around my head for a while now. The older I get, the more that I realize that some men are just sheerly attracted to brunettes, or those with darker hair. So why exactly is this?

While my theory exonerates far from my ex boyfriend persuading me to dye my hair brunette (and looking terrible after making the RIDICULOUS mistake of complying) I decided to investigate into the matter (the best that I could).

As for the women out there reading this, I would like to clarify ahead of time that one of my best friends in the world is brunette and is absolutely stunning! (along with my two younger sisters). So it’s far from my mind set that something as ludicrous as hair color can make you attractive or unattractive.

So, lets investigate more into the matter. After using google to my advantage, I wasn’t shocked that when typing in “why men hate blondes” into the search bar, 20,400,000 results came up in .29 seconds. Yet when typing in “why men hate brunettes” only 8,520,000 results were found. Thats almost three times as many for blondes, which only clarifies my point even more.

I was also disgusted at some of the comments that I read. For instance one British website “The Student Room” had a thread started by men, simply slagging off blondes-in many different ways.

One man had multiple paragraphs on the matter, saying that he felt that he was being “force fed” blondes to the point where blondes were invisible” to him (GASP!). But his rant did not stop there. He also continued on that “less, I recognize one that used to be an attractive brunette, in which case I can’t help but wince, and think “There goes another one.” Also there’s all the hype for blonde women. Blonde ambition. Legally blonde. Blondes have more fun. Gentlemen prefer blondes.” All whilst hiding behind a user name. Thankfully there were both men and women arguing against his ill words, but one male seemed to agree adding in that “There is some good news! Blondes will soon be extinct!”.

So then I decided to look for some real articles published on the matter. I passed through blog posts, poems, physcfourms, and youtube videos, until I finally reached the fourth page and clicked a blog who wrote that“blondes should be perceived as Exotic sex toys”. Disgusted, I scrolled down hoping for some comments that back lashed the “anti racial” male blogger and his despicable comparison.

Finally I found a Huffinton post article written by “Simone Kitchens” explaining why she decided to make the switch to brunette, adding in that when she walked around with straight blonde hair, she got asked if she was in high school. “It’s a little bit easier to not feel as self-conscious about it now” she said.

So my opinion on this is that it is nothing short of pathetic. To judge a man or woman by their hair color. While I do believe that people can have a “type” of person that they are prone to “liking”- I’m hesitant to believe that if you met the man/woman of your dreams (with everything on your checklist except the correct hair color for you’re liking), I doubt it would stop you from pursing them.

Your intelligence level is by no way shape or form determined by the fact that you were born with a blonde gene, spent too much time in the sun, or felt like dying your hair. Nor is your personality defined by it. Oh and if you have a boyfriend that ever tells you to dye your hair (to what ever he want’s it to be-don’t walk away….run!).