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Why People Are Pulling The Plug on social media

I’m an advocate of social media (incase that wasn’t crystal clear already), as it continues to grow and expand rapidly, apparently more and more fellow New Yorkers are getting fed up with it. Opting out of the digital rat race and choosing to “detox” from Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. They claim that the novelty of Facebook wanes once they have caught up with high school friends.

People are also stating to become leery over privacy invasions, being worried by digital distractions that could potentially weaken their professional productivity or their personal lives. “I was just spending too much time on it: it became a total time suck” said Rachel Dubois of her decision to delete her Facebook account.

Social media “Has lost the cool factor” and more people are starting to see how much time they “loose” by spending time online, said psychologist Marcia Scherer (who is also the president of the Institute for Matching Person & Technology in Rochester NY)”People want more meaning in their lives” and are using social media in much more “strategic ways” to meet specific goals, she said.

Facebook declined to comment, but Paul Guyot the founder of the analytics firm semiocast was quoted last year saying that an analysis that his firm performed showed that while Twitter may have more than 500 million users, only one-third are actually active. If you doubt the statistic’s, compare the number of connections you have on all of your social media accounts to the number of regular posters.

“I know a lot of twenty somethings who are getting off social media because they want a life outside the screen” said time management expert, Julia Morgenstern the author of “Never Check Email in the Morning” while people laboring in digitally professions can’t opt out entirely, they need more screen breaks staid Morgenstern.

There are two arguments to every story, and I can proudly say that I will be stern to keep my Facebook ,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Those who spoke about “pulling the plug on social media” were all over the age of 30, and I think the newer generations have become increasingly intrigued by social media.

There is also the argument that some people you can’t plan to see. Especially those friends and family members over broad which I do indeed have, being from England. Without Facebook there would be no source of communication.

Now onto my idol: Ivanka Trump. Ivanka released yesterday that another Trump-Kushner is on the way. “Jared and I…are so excited that Arabella will become a big sister this fall” she tweeted yesterday, while later thanking for all of the good wishes.

If you watch the Rachel Zoe show, you might want to stop saying “bananas” or her newest favorite word: “Maj” (for major). Although Bravo wont quite comment a “yay or nay” if the show is actually getting cut, a recent report claims that the show is getting the ax. According to RadarOnLine low ratings and lackluster audience interest are prompting the cancelation after five seasons on air.

Move over Rachel!

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