• Mercedes Benstock

Why people cheat

Before I start I want to apologize ahead of time for any spelling errors/grammatical mistakes in my past posts. Given I am originally from England, we were taught a completely different way how to write and grammatically correct things…. and, well I am quite bad at adapting to the American way of writing. But constructive criticism has come to my rescue as I learn to work out the difference between “his” and “he’s”. Grammar- I hate you. More than hangovers.

So, back on topic: We all have the unattainable guy in our life whose either “wifed up”, or just a (excuse my French) flat out ass hole, who is never ever going to be marriage material.

He will do anything and everything to get you into his bed. Say anything to make you gullible enough to believe the pathetic-ness (emphasis) coming out of his mouth, and if you’re at a club/bar, insist tequila is a blessing (and not a death sentence).

There is a common saying out there that “If he cheats once, he will cheat again”. But apparently that might not been the case. Although most women out there assume that any man who has been unfaithful is destined to live a life of infidelity, hooking up with each and every woman he sees (similar to Russell Brands past antics), it’s proven not to be true.

Past player Rob McGarr, claims that it’s all nonsense that a “cheater can’t change his spots.” After admitting that he has cheated, auditioned for shipwrecked and gone off-menu, in an establishment called King Kebab, he is adamant that he will never do any of the above again (including cheating).

Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell and Mark Wahlberg are amongst a few men who have cleared up their act in one way or another. Most men blame cheating on “being young” or having a different view on women and life, while others have no explanation at all.

Some seem indifferent to cheating. Men will be men, women will be women. Personally the way I look at things is that if you want to be a wildchild, enjoying your twenties and bedding 1000 women-then so do it. Just don’t have a girlfriend, while doing it. I would much rather be single, than be with an animal.

It also says a lot about a person if they can cheat and not feel any sort of guilt about it. My past relationship taught me honesty. From the good to the bad, and the reason we ended had nothing to do with being brutally honest to each other.

Lets just say it was a maturity thing- on his end, and that I wouldn’t quite accept the fact he was fine with attending college parties every day doing body shots of half naked girls. While having a girlfriend. I also think insecurity is another reason people cheat. They think that having a one-night stand, or sleeping with multiple men/women will make them feel better about themselves (emotionally).

So why I don’t have the exact reasons as to why people cheat, I honestly think that it’s more of an emotional thing for women, and an impulsive thing for men (all sexism aside). Of course I could be completely wrong. But the way I look at it, is the way it’s said.

Move forward not backwards.