• Mercedes Benstock

Wonderful Wednesday

Todays title should be called spontaneous-ity. My day started at 6am tossing a pillow off of my head and forcing myself to actually get up, shower, and walk to Starbucks. After confirming for the sixth time that I STILL no longer like Skinny Caramel Macciatos, I then walked across the street to buy a plain bagel. As the place was empty I figured it would be a relatively quick order, little did I know that the woman behind the counter would take a whole fifteen minutes to even realize my (very impatient) existence…and this was the start of my wonderful wednesday..not.

After tipping generously and gratefully having my feet back to SPRINT out the building, I conveniently find Alden calling me. After a brief phone call and realizing we were only 6 blocks away from each other, I walked down to Bryant Park to meet her. I was so surprised at how beautiful the link was! And uncrowded! It even had a huge christmas tree that helped me locate my fellow blonde.

So after a much needed chat, we finally got a nice guy to take a picture of us (or five) which made me wonder if he was snapping away because we looked dreadful or because he was just being so very generous at the criticalness of two blondes finding a picture they both like.

After walking through the tents we finally ponder across this delectable Macaroon shop. The women told us with her Parisian accent that she only had the space in Bryant park, along with a website. Alden smartly picked up her business card and we walked away chatting and trying our DELICIOUS Macaroons. Completely indulging, AND forgetting what we were talking about.

After that adventure Alden continued on shopping whilst I headed home preparing for someones special birthday coming up on Christmas Eve! I managed to come across a card boutique and found some hidden pink boas..but I don’t think thats quite what Mauro expects for his birthday! Anyway keep posted, and check back for the adventures of tomorrow! (including downtown and a spray tan)!

Oh and a quick hope that I don’t end up looking like an oompa lumpa 😉