• Mercedes Chloe

You Are Not A Heffalump

I decided not to blog my meals the past few days as they have become quite repetitive. AND…because for two nights in a row I have eaten dessert (which I feel guilty about but none the less).

If you’ve been following along, you know that today marks my 2 weeks on the F-Factor (step 1) diet. Instead of catching everyone up on yummy meals which you can find on my Instagram-I decided to do a quick post on some tips/tricks I have learnt so far:

You Don't Need To Count Calories To See Results

Why am I still doing this? Well because THROUGH doing this I found out that I was eating way to many calories. Every day I was tracking around 1300-1400 when the average range for a strict Step 1 is around 900-1200 calories per day. On F-Factor the main focus is Carbs and Fiber. You should be mindful of fat and protein but there's no need to track calories if that's not your thing. Now if you're a bit of a control freak (like me) and want to then so be it-but personally I have found this causing me to think about food more. Going forward I'm going to try to focus on just the F-Factor app to track.

There's No Need To Weigh Yourself Daily

According to my scale I gained 1.8lbs and .5% body fat over night. Yes-over night. Say it's water weight why don't you!? but that's also measured (on my very advanced scale) and it's down from yesterday. See what I'm getting at here? It really sucks to have a few "off" days and gain (almost) all of the weight back that you lost overnight.

You Can Stay On Step 1

If you've read my paragraph/vent above I'm sure that you can guess: I'm going to stick to Step 1 (for now). Moving to step 2 isn't a requirement. If you find that step 1 works best for you or a step 1.5 then stick to that. Like anything else in life, you just have to find a balance and do what works best for you.

You Are Not A Heffalump

Honestly? That's how I feel, especially after the scale reflected 2 days of (lightly) indulging. For example Wednesday evening I had some Non-Dairy Arctic Zero, 2 squares of Lily's chocolate AND FF whipped cream after dinner. Yesterday I also had some Arctic Zero, Fresh Parmesan at lunch, SF jello, and maybe some more chocolate...you get the gist. Even if you fall off track for a few days, pick yourself back up and get right to it. You did it once-and you can do it again.

Exercise Doesn't Need To Be Excessive

Excessive exercise is going to cause more harm than good. When I would workout at Equinox (a lifetime ago) and take running classes I was continuously hungry throughout the day. The more calories you burn, the more energy your body is going to need. Since quarantine, I'm obviously burning significantly less calories and as a result-less hungry throughout the day. Even better than that? I'm seeing more ab definition with a 15-20 minute daily than a 45 minute run.