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Your relationship & Chipotle

Re-read the title. It isn’t your relationship with Chipotle, it’s your relationship AND Chipotle.

A very odd title indeed, but while crammed on the 6 train heading downtown, I pulled out Entrepreneur magazine (yes I read Entrepreneur magazine!) and read an article on Chipotle. While I was reading, I started to think about one of my previous posts from a few days ago“A first date” and reminisced on a question I received, asking “how longterm relationships last.”

We all know that we want what we cant have. If you have a boyfriend, your probably either utterly bored or utterly in love. If you don’t have a boyfriend you probably have your moments, when you miss cuddling with you ex, or are going out on a wild streak trying to find Mr Right, or in some cases- Mr Right now ( until your:”ready to settle”)

So back to the relation-Chipotle.

Chipotle doesn’t look like a typical restaurant. They differentiate themselves from many other places by championing the basics: having natural colored walls, concrete floors, visible piping and ample use of stainless steel and plywood. While some may call this being… mad: Steve Ellis the co-CEO and founder of Chipotle, wants people to know that this was no mistake.

Twenty years ago when he opened the first Chipotle in Denver-he was determined to make the restaurants design, as transparent as its service.

He explained that there wasn’t a lot of money for flourishes and how he had to fashion the original light fixtures from a local hardware shop. “We had to make use of some very basic materials but have those materials speak to this brand that I was creating.”

“You see the raw ingredients..then you elevate these raw ingredients, hopefully into something special. I took a lot of care in putting these things together. I was not an architect, but I tried to put them together as carefully as possible to build an environment that had some sort of design quality to it.”

Nearly 1,500 Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants later-its fair to say that Chipotle’s design has followed its food, and its vision.

So now: How on earth does my essay on Chipotle (above) have anything to do with relationships? well the answer is relatively quite simple: concepts.

It’s important to know what you want, before you start something. As we learn from above, Steve Ells admitted to having a low start up cost. He didn’t lie and say that he had millions invested before opening his first 880 square foot restaurant.

This is key when starting a relationship. Don’t pretend to be someone your not, or something your not- because eventually if time doesn’t tell, someone will tell. Somehow, someway-the truth always gets out eventually.

If your already in a long term relationship and have a deep, dark, hidden secret then either come clean about it or learn to face the consequences when he/she finds out about it weeks/months/years later. Either way, it won’t be pretty admitting or explaining as to why you lied or kept a secret in the first place, but as the days go by-think of it as your chances lowering for “forgivemeant”

Next: Raw ingredients.

I think the key ingredients behind keeping relationships strong, is not only honesty but also keeping things special. No one wants a partner whose boring or doing/saying the same things repetitively. Be open to trying, and experiencing new things together, because the truth of the matter is-if he or she isn’t having fun with you, they will go have fun with someone else.

Simplicity: As in: don’t be a diva.

Chipotle had such a simple concept with such simple design, and it ended up working. There is a fine line between wanting a glass of champagne or expecting a bottle of Crystal at your beck and call. If you keep that kind of behavior up, either “the” wallet will die out- or your relationship will.

I’m honestly a strong believer in “whatever is meant to be-will be.” So if it feels like more of a task, than a blessing to be with him/her, then there is probably something wrong in the relationship.

There is no what to, or how to guide on relationships. Unfortunately sometimes the flame does just end up burning out for whatever reason. I think most of the time it has to do with laziness. If you guys were going out and having fun in the beginning of your relationship, and then went on to watching fios and ordering food in on friday nights (whilst wearing pajamas) obviously your relationship has gone into lazy mode. If it’s a money thing, try and figure out a night when you can go out-and offer to pay half, or do something cute together, like trying a new recipe.

I’m still not sure if people will see the same relation (that I did) on how Chipotle has ANYTHING to do with relationships, but at the end of the day that parts irrelevant.

If your willing to make it work (or relight the candle): try, and if not: leave.

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